A mega event in the banking and payments area with a great technological and innovative bias. A fierce competition from Fintechs that are generating a disruption in the financial market. It was in this climate that DATAHOLICS participated in the Ciab Febraban event where it shared a stand in the arena for Fintechs selected for the event. A melee with the people who make this technology market for finance. nota8-3 DATAHOLICS showcased its SocialScore technology, which analyzes public data from the web and social networks to create a credit score with a much broader view of the consumer. He also showed first hand his project of proof of identity using social networks and facial recognition by Deep Learning. dataholics-ganha-ciab-febraban-fintech-day-ai-inteligencia-artificial We won Ciab Fintech Day 2017 and as a prize we had the opportunity to interact with banks. We wait for news about future integrations. download

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