DATAHOLICS was crowned yesterday, in a warm celebration of DEMO DAY, as the champion of the Visa Track program, Visa’s first open innovation program in Brazil, chosen by the jury. Visa Track-Pitch-Winner-Startup-DATAHOLICS Visa’s innovation area launched Visa Track 2017, a six-month open innovation program to accelerate advanced-stage startups, encouraging them to grow and improve their technological solutions with the seal and full support of Visa do Brasil. One of the stages of the Visa Track program took place in Silicon Valley, California, led by GSVLabs, a global accelerator that develops several programs with startups from around the world. We had access to Visa’s innovation center in California, accelerators such as Plug and Play, Facebook’s headquarters and its team of data scientists, Google Launch Pad and travel through the entire environment of Startups, investors, and the vibrant and entrepreneurial mindset. of Silicon Valley. The second stage of the Visa Track 20017 program was a deep immersion with the Visa team at its innovation center in São Paulo, with intense interaction with Visa employees and its restless team focused on creating digital solutions for the financial market, Banks, Fintechs. As a result, we are implementing more than 5 innovations in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and predictive analytics in partnership with Visa and DATAHOLICS, which will be launched soon and will impact the entire financial system, fintechs, acquirers, banks and other actors. This award is largely due to Visa, which in just one week was integrated into our credit score APIs, which allows for a more complete consumer analysis called Social Credit Score. This technology created by DATAHOLICS allows a deep behavioral analysis, based on data from social networks and public information on the internet.


Visa of Brasil allies itself with startups, taking advantage of its disruptive factor, challenging the entire financial and Fintech market, acquirers, merchants, sub-acquirers, sellers with global solutions that make use of the most advanced technology in Big Data analysis and Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning and technological innovations. Thanks to all the other startups in the program, the mentors, the employees of Visa, which by the way seems to have an ant in the chair, and the Fintechs, especially those that create beneficial hacks to the financial system! #GOTRACK #GOVISA #GODATAHOLICS #VISATRACK #AI #ROBOTSREVOLUTION #EVOLUTION

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