A mechanism collects data from a large group of public information, analyzes it through Artificial Intelligence, processes this data and assists in solving large problems in the financial market.

This is the proposal of DATAHOLICS, one of the inhabitants of inovaBra habitat. The startup creates different models of Artificial Intelligence to generate scores and know which products or services to offer for each customer, in a very assertive way.

“In the social score, which is positive, the higher the score, the better the person is economically and financially positioned. We also have presumed income, where we use digital data”, says CEO Daniel Mendes.

In addition to identifying which products to offer, Artificial Intelligence also points out which customers are prone to default.

“Thanks to our participation in many programs, winning several awards and acting abroad, many companies come to us. We don’t have a commercial area structured, because we put a lot of effort to meet the demands we already have today”, says Mendes. The startup has been in the market for two and a half years and currently has seven employees.

Recently, DATAHOLICS partnered with another startup from inovaBra habitat, DataH, to provide artificial intelligence solutions for the real estate market. “With this service, construction companies and developers will be able to make a better risk analysis and will have an increase in profitability”, explains Mendes.

Artificial intelligence, technology used by Dataholics, is one of the axes of inovaBra Habitat, Bradesco’s co-innovation space. The other technological pillars of the site are API, blockchain, immersive computing, internet of things (IoT) and big data.

Check out the video interview with Daniel Mendes below:

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