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People Score – Subprime

People’s credit analysis should no longer be measured just by whether they consume, pay or fail to pay! That’s why DATAHOLICS created the People Score – Subprime for companies and financial institutions to analyze the credit risk of subprime people in a simpl, risk managed manner, providing the necessary predictability to scale their credit operations, reducing losses and increasing profits!
Recent estimates show that 40% of the workers in the gig economy are proven to be credit worthy, who care for their reputation. Our Credit Score solution for subprime people uses more than 500 data sources to efficiently separate those who deserve credit, reducing the risk of default and increasing the capture of good customers through a simple and agile tool. We invite you to test the solution and prove it to yourself.


Customers who use the People Score

Nova Vivenda provides credit for residential renovations to low-income families. With DATAHOLICS, Vivenda started to use open data and artificial intelligence for credit analysis, automating the entire process in a simple way. As a result, the company gained scale and increased revenue from credit operations.

Sicoob Sicoob Credicitrus is the largest group of credit unions in Brazil. This year it started using alternative credit analysis using open data and DATAHOLICS´ Social Score to expand its operation throughout Brazil, including rural areas and micro entrepreneurs. The expectation is to increase the revenue of the entire cooperative group.